About H2 IT Solutions

H2 IT Solutions (H2IT) offers Software Engineering, Systems Integration, and Human Capital Management. Our overriding objective is to provide best-in-class service to our customers. We accomplish this through excellent communication, long-term partner relationships, constant innovation and company improvement.

Our innovative Software Engineering services has assisted our Air Force customers in areas of enterprise and desktop trainer development, to include Research and Development in Serious Games, Human-Computer Interaction, software integration, and real-time data analysis and reporting.

Our Systems Integration services has reduced time and cost for the U.S. Navy and Army in logistic support, site surveys, and simulator upgrades and installation. Our engineering support provided a reduced training systems footprint, resulting in lower cost of ownership – less IT hardware, reduced need for facility modification, and reduced power and HVAC capacity needs throughout CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Our Human Capital Management services assists the U.S. Army in facilities maintenance by providing a skilled workforce and compliance management.

Why Us

Focus on Perspective

We understand the critical need to deliver the correct system functionality in order to meet the customers mission objective. We accomplish this through our Three-Perspective Approach:

  • The Engineering Perspective to demonstrate what is possible with current and near-future technologies
  • The User Experience Perspective to ensure effortless engagement with the system
  • The Management Perspective to deliver the best quality product that exceed expectations

Focus on Team

We appreciate the importance of our relationships with partners, employees, and community. We believe in supporting the team and engaging our team with integrity.

  • We listen with intent to understand
  • We are committed to providing solutions that meet your needs with the best optimum balance between innovation, schedule and budget
  • We provide project engagement activities to foster communication

Focus on Ownership

We believe to truly provide the exceptional service, one needs to take ownership for the problem at hand. Each team member at H2IT takes ownership of the work they perform for our customers. This allows for the contribution of great ideas, a collaborative environment, and an innovative solutions to each problem we encounter to our customers satisfaction.

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