Software Engineering

Putting Our Experience to Work

H2 IT Solutions’ approach to Software development is to deliver the correct functionality at the best value to the customer. Our software development approach ensures a focus on the mission and the user in order to deliver a usable product for the end user. To accomplish this, we begin by understanding that the application being developed is a tool that helps accomplish an objective. As developers, we need to have an understanding of this objective. This ensures an application delivery that is on-target with fulfilling the need.

  • Air Force Maintenance Officer Course (AMOC)
    At Sheppard AFB, we’re maintaining and improving the AMOC software for the 362nd Training Squadron. AMOC allows groups of students to work together and practice managing real-world flight lines within a simulated environment.
  • Navy Conning Officer Virtual Environment (COVE)
    We developed new software to help Course Instructors at Officer Training Center at Newport, RI (OTCN) simultaneously start and shut off student stations and monitors with one click of a button.
  • Navy Facility Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
    We designed and built online courseware and job performance aids to teach facilities financial audits, planning and asset evaluation.